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Sophia Sader

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
Member with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and Freelance Dietitians Group
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

The Promise: Full Privacy, Personalised Diet, Tangible Results.

Since day one, I worked privately one on one with patients and helped them to achieve their goals and to reach their target weight. My expertise in listening and strong communication skills played a role in coaching, convincing and goal setting.

A balanced healthy diet is the ultimate diet for everyone. I am a big believer in balanced nutrition. My experience extends from weight management to health cases.

Dieting is very personal to you and to us as it involves emotions, feelings and hardwork. That's why a flexible solution focusing on lifestyle rather than a one time rigid diet is more proper for you.

The personalised diet solutions answer specific needs such as food preference, allergy and intolerance, likes and dislikes, division of meals throughout the day. It also aims to match particular conditions: micro sports nutrition, pregnancy, breast feeding, eating behaviour at school and work, night-shifts, and many others.

In a reasonable short interval of time and after working together on a continuously customized diet plan, you would achieve your goals and harvest the efforts invested in this life changing program. That's the self satisfaction of dieting and the inner good feeling about yourself.

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